When riding at rallies, in riding Groups or on Club grounds please make sure you are courteous to other users of the grounds.


General rules of riding include:

  • Being on time to lessons and ready to ride

  • Greeting the instructor at the commencement of the lesson and thanking them at the end

  • Waiting for a suitable break in the lesson to enter the arena if you have arrived late

  • Offering an apology if you have been late to the lesson (we understand that unforeseen things always happen where children or horses are involved)

  • Being aware of other riders in your group

  • Leave the group/arena if your horse is behaving badly and upsetting others

  • Unless advised by an instructor–ride in the same direction as the other riders in the arena

  • Pass left hand to left hand when approaching a rider from the opposite direction

  • Lunging and warm ups to be done in an arena where no groups are currently under instruction

  • Don’t get too close to the horse in front – circle to the inside and pick up another position where there is more room

  • Australian Standard approved hats and boots to be worn at all times

  • No dogs allowed on the grounds during rallies and other ridden events



All members are asked to:

  • Complete a short helper duty at each event, this may include bringing along an item of food for a group lunch to share 

  • Ensure all rubbish is placed in the bins at the grounds

  • Ensure that all gates are locked after use

  • Ensure that non-members are not given access to locked areas

  • The front gates remain closed at all times in case of horses escaping onto the road

  • Report any dangerous situations or maintenance situations to a member of the Committee

  • Attend the working bees if possible

  • Treat the grounds, facilities and equipment with respect:

  • Leave the yards and parking areas in a clean and tidy condition, remove all hay, feed and manure from the ground and place in the manure skip bays provided

  • Clean any manure off the wash down bays, and place the hose in a tidy position, so as not to damage this or cause a hazard

  • Leave the ablutions in a neat and tidy condition, use the equipment provided as required, place paper towels in the bins